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SSL Certificates – Why your website should be secured

SSL Certificate
Every web site should be secured The web is moving away from to There are many reasons why this trend will continue and here are just a few: Google has announced that HTTPS will affect Google search results in the future, starting now! Google Chrome browser will start to make it obvious that…
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Leicester Businesses Can Gain From A Strong PPC Campaign

pay per click advertising
Pay Per Click Using Google Adwords For Leicester Businesses Digital Marketing specialist, Steve Castledine recently shared his thoughts on how local businesses can make real financial gain from a strong Adwords campaign. Pay per click advertising has gained a lot of ground in recent years with sales and lead generation exploding with tools like Google Adwords leading…
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Landing Pages Vs Brochure Websites

landing pages vs brochure websites
Your Website Could Be Costing You Sales There is a popular myth that suggests just publishing a website will help small businesses achieve their marketing goals. This includes the belief that building a web presence with information about their products and services is all that is needed. Online marketing has changed out of all recognition since…
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Content Marketing And Online Marketing

content marketing
Content Marketing And Online Marketing Content Marketing is a vital part of an online marketing strategy. Today, there has been a big change in the customer journey. There has been a very rapid change in social and digital technologies. Information is easy to find and there is plenty available. Customers prefer to look online and research companies and their products…
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Commonly Used Strategies in Digital Marketing

digital marketing strategies
Digital Marketing We live in a digital age and successful businesses have had to keep up! Most companies have now incorporated digital marketing techniques into their overall marketing strategies that include other methods such as direct marketing etc. Most small business owners become overwhelmed and confused when they have to decide which strategy will best…
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What is Local SEO?

local SEO
Local SEO The Internet holds a sea of marketing opportunities; a small business only has to learn how to master them in order to increase its visibility in the local marketplace. That said, the marketing strategies that local businesses need to use are intrinsically different from those used by larger corporations. Local SEO is arguably…
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Start a Social Media Marketing Campaign

social media campaign
Things to Keep In Mind Before You Start a Social Media Marketing Campaign Social media has a wide, and widening influence across our lives. Networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn command a lot of attention from Internet users in the UK. Facebook has 31 million active users in the UK. Naturally, most digital…
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Why is Web Design Vital for a Small Business?

web design for small business
Why is Web Design Vital for a Small Business? The Internet is everywhere in our lives; it has altered the way the world functions, in ways no one would have imagined to be possible. Just as large global corporations battle the fibre-optic superhighway for online supremacy, the smallest of local businesses are jostling for space on…
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Why Use PPC? How Can PPC Help Grow Your Business?

ppc, pay per click
Acronyms such as PPC are thrown around the marketing landscape frequently. This blog will help you to understand what PPC is and how it can help your business grow. Across the UK, entrepreneurship is on the rise and businesses are mushrooming at a rapid pace. It has become easier for people to start a business…
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How Will SEO Help Your Business?

how will seo help your business
How Will SEO Help Your Business? So how will SEO help your business? The world of marketing has changed considerably over the last few years. New techniques and strategies have been introduced to promote products and businesses more effectively and SEO to help businesses be found online is one such technique. Marketers consider SEO to…
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Web Marketing Leicester

web marketing leicester
Web marketing Leicester involves activities and strategies that result in making your web site well known throughout the Internet. In the same way that traditional marketing using advertising as a tool to promote your company’s products or services so does Web Marketing by using online advertising. A distinct advantage of online advertising is the immediate…
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What is online marketing?

online marketing
When business owners hear about online marketing, they might think that it is expensive, requires high maintenance and is not relevant. Many think that it is too complicated and imagine themselves having to Tweet all day and have to use Facebook. That is why these owners often choose conventional ways in marketing strategies. Are you…
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