The ultimate guide to maintaining your WordPress Website

The ultimate guide to maintaining your WordPress Website

There is a lot of talk about WordPress website maintenance, what you should and shouldn’t be doing. To put it simply, your WordPress site is like a car. Without regular up-keep and some TLC that site you once knew and loved could start to have problems, break down, or even break all together. But don’t worry, in this guide I am going to show you the important things you should be doing to keep your website running smoothly.

1. Plugins, Themes and WordPress Core updates

Plugins, Themes and WordPress Core updates

Updates not only add new features but more often than not they remove security flaws that have been identified. With website hacking on the rise, it is essential to keep your WordPress Core Program, Plugins and Themes up to date. We do that for you.

2. Full Site Back Ups

Full Site Back Ups

If you want to reverse changes made to your site it is important to have a recent backup. We create daily backups at two separate locations for security.

3. 24/7 Security Scanning

24/7 Security Scanning

We will scan your site regularly to ensure your site is not infected with any malicious files or malware. If we find anything we will let you know there is a problem. Always better to be safe than sorry.

4. Clean Spam Comments and Post Revisions

Clean Spam Comments and Post Revisions

Spam comments and post revisions build up over time and can cause your site to slow down. We will clean your site regularly to ensure it always runs smoothly.

5. Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker

Links that don’t work can be a pain for your visitors. With broken link checker, you will be notified if a link is broken and not going where it’s supposed to.


WordPress maintenance can be tedious, time consuming and for a lot of people it can be a little bit out of their comfort zone. What if I update it and something goes wrong? This can happen, conflicts between themes, plugins and WordPress itself do happen. This is why you should always have a backup of your site before you make any changes or perform any maintenance on your site.

What can you do if you don’t have the time or energy to waste on the routine daily grind of maintenance? Well, let the people who do it for a living, do it for you. There are lots of different companies out there that do WordPress maintenance, including us. Take a look at our maintenance package here, we take care of all of the above plus a lot of added extras too.

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