Hottest Website Trends of 2021

Hottest Website Trends of 2021 - Webizzy

Just like fashion, website trends change each year. Web developers around the world predict the styles we will be seeing on the digital catwalk in 2021. If you are thinking of giving your site a makeover, it is worth keeping in mind what’s hot and what’s not. 

With digital solutions being the number one way for businesses to make sales these days, you might think we are to expect websites to go fully sci-fi and futuristic. Industry trends actually suggest something slightly different; realism and retro is the flavour of the day! 

Here are our predictions for the biggest website trends over the coming year:

  • Subtle Colours – With most of us spending far more time at computers and online, comfortable colour tones are easier on the eye. 
  • Scrolling Transformations – When a user scrolls down your site and something happens or changes, they feel a sense of participation and engagement. 
  • Digital Conference Spaces – More businesses are hosting meetings, webinars and training via embedded Zoom/other video call meetings in their website. 
  • Captivating Questionnaires – Beautifully formatted forms and questionnaires are an engaging way to capture customer information. Further animated question sections will help businesses grow their email lists. 
  • Retro Fonts – Big brands such as Spotify have shown us how cool this can look. It is likely the trend of old-school American diner style fonts will be used heavily by corporations this year. Perhaps this is acts as a soothing reminder of simpler times. 
  • Realism – Grainier, flatter images are cool again, as an extension of minimalism. As we shop more online, websites need to become ultra-clear in displaying products. 
  • Cartoon Animations – This was actually a 2020 thing which doesn’t want to leave us! Modern, line drawings and technical animations are an attention-grabbing way of illustrating products, services and buying processes. 

So, that was a brief roundup of what we expect to see in the website world in the coming months. Attracting customers online is more competitive than ever and having an up-to-date website builds trust and increases business revenue in turn. If you are operating online, your site will need a regular refresh. Choose a web designer with their finger on the pulse to ensure your business is future-proof and standing out from your competitors. 

Webizzy is a Web Design agency which has been established for almost 10 years. To find out about improving your website, get in touch. 

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