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Digital Marketing

We live in a digital age and successful businesses have had to keep up! Most companies have now incorporated digital marketing techniques into their overall marketing strategies that include other methods such as direct marketing etc. Most small business owners become overwhelmed and confused when they have to decide which strategy will best advertise them and their business.

Digital marketing concepts are quite involved and complex, but there strategists and professionals who can develop and guide your business through this marketing arena. Webizzy is here to help! Let’s take a look at the most commonly used strategies in digital marketing:

  • PPC & Paid Ads – This is a widely used digital marketing strategy and it’s very effective. PPC is the acronym for Pay-Per-Click. In this, your ads are placed on search engines. You place a bid on different set keywords that are specific to your business. Every time any prospective customer clicks on your ad, a certain amount is deducted from your PPC account. This is an excellent way to attract customers and increase your visibility. 
  • SEO – Most small business owners have heard of the term SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), and it would be fair to say that most are confused and repelled by it, concerned about what is actually required, how to go about it and of course the cost involved. SEO includes a variety of techniques such as keyword research, on-site & off-site optimisation, backlinking, reputation management, content creation, local SEO etc. When all these strategies are used in the right measure they help attract a larger volume of organic traffic to your site. 
  • Email Marketing- This is a tried and tested strategy that has stood the test of time and it continues to be effective and relevant even today. Since you communicate directly with qualified customers (ones that have proactively given you their email details), it helps in getting very high levels of conversion. Again, this requires well-planned content and the right strategy. 
  • Social Media Marketing – This is another highly effective digital marketing strategy in which you can engage with existing and prospective customers on various social networking sites including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. This is a great way of getting your brand name recognised and reinforced and keeps the conversation around your business front and centre of customers and prospective customers minds.

When we manage your digital marketing campaign, we take a whole strategy view, understand your products and ideal customer, and then devise a strategy that will work perfectly for you. For any more information about our services, call Webizzy on 0116 243 6440. You can also use this Contact Us form. We’ll be happy to hear from you!

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