I have a new, traditionally built website – what do I do next?

Usually, the answer is nothing. Launching a new website after spending many weeks or months building a traditional “brochure” website most website owners do nothing to develop the website from then on.

Designing a new website is a headache, we get it. So, you have spent months trying to perfect the perfect website. You think your site has everything it will ever need right? Once the process is finished and your site is launched that's it, you can now sit back and relax.

Why traditional websites don't work

Very few traditional websites are built by collecting data from the existing website and identifying high impact actions to grow your business.

Most Traditional websites are built on the website owner’s opinions and assumptions. Once a website is launched it is often forgotten about. Typically, after a year or so, the website owner decides to have a re-vamp to ‘freshen up’ the site and the cycle starts all over again.

What could I do next?

Before considering a redesign or new build of a website we would like to introduce you to Growth Driven Design:

The new playbook: Growth Driven Design

Growth Driven Design is a way of designing a website that takes away all the headaches and lets your site continue to grow using your site's data.

Website Design

High risk

Large upfront investment

Often runs late and over budget

Inflexible design


Built on opinions and assumptions

Launched and left



Growth Driven

A better approach

Launch quickly and improve

Investment is spread out

On budget, and on time

Optimised for results

Decisions based on your data

Monthly HIGH impact improvements

Start building a website that grows with your business