What is the difference between an addon and parked domains?

What is the difference between an addon and parked domains?

Addon and Parked domains are methods of associating additional domains with your hosting package.

Addon and Parked Domains

Parked Domains act as aliases for your main domain. This is useful if you would like to order variations of your domain (for example we own Webizzy.com and Webizzy.co.uk) and have them all show the same content. To ensure maximum Search Engine Optimisation, we can assist you in setting up a 301 permanent redirect to your main domain.

Addon Domains allow you to run an entirely separate website without purchasing a second hosting account! There is no way of telling that this is how the account is setup (to the outside world it just looks like any other website) - the only practical implication of an addon domain over a full cPanel account is that they do not have an individual cPanel account, so if you need to give someone access to only an Addon domain we would instead recommend a Reseller account.

E-mails for Parked and Addon domains work in exactly the same way as they do for your main domain - you have the full range of usual options including forwarders and auto-responders!

If you require a custom quote please ask! Also note that our reseller packages do not have any restriction on the number of parked and addon domains you can allocate.

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