Our team



Founder | CEO

In at the birth of the World Wide Web, Steve created his first website in the '80s and is still learning! He believes that 'traditional' web design/redesign is broken and is a champion of Growth-Driven Design. Marketing is in his genes and transitioning to Inbound/Digital Marketing was a no-brainer and he is happy to tell you how to run your business at the drop of a hat!


Project Director

Sam served his apprenticeship at Webizzy and liked it so much he stayed. Innovative and forward thinking Sam has been a breath of fresh air to our small team. His commercial awareness and understanding of digital marketing have made him a firm favourite with our clients. Sam is still learning how to tell people how to run their business but he is working on it.


Content Writer

Steve is a Surrey based writer and editor who began his career as a scriptwriter with the BBC in the early nineties and now writes original content as well as editing that of others. He fully understands the nuances that make content stand out online and creates search engine friendly copy that helps get our clients noticed online.
He is an award-nominated comedy writer as well as an award-winning playwright, the writer of over a hundred books under various pseudonyms and the ghostwriter of an autobiography belonging to a famous footballer of the seventies.


Business Administrator

After graduating with a BA(Hons) degree Kristina has added real value to the business administration of Webizzy. She has streamlined and upgraded all our systems to provide excellent customer support whenever it is required.

So, are you ready to add fuel to your business?